Blacklisted Casinos, Rogue Casinos

I don’t keep a list of rogue casinos or a casino blacklist. For one thing, I don’t feel 100% qualified to do so, and for another thing, I’ve never intended to be a watchdog. There are other sites and other webmasters who do a fine job of keeping up with who the cheaters are, and I rely on the ones that I have some trust in to keep up with the bad guys. So I’ve listed some of the better lists of rogue casinos here, along with some commentary of my own.
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Casinomeister’s Rogue Casinos – Bryan Bailey is pretty well-known in the industry, and his integrity is considered by most to be right up there. Everything I’ve seen him write has led me to believe he’s a sincere and genuine person. (Although I’ve occasionally disagreed with some of the things that he’s written in his forum, I think he’s honest. Just sometimes mistaken. And I agree with him most of the time.)

Casinomeister’s list includes a list of outright rogues, a list of “not recommended places to play, some descriptions of stupid casino tricks, a list of software you can’t trust, and fake watchdog sites.

Casino City’s Rogue Casinos – Casino City is the industry leader in both online and offline casino directories. I tend to lend weight to their list of rogue casinos more than I would to many other blacklists.

The Wizard of Odds’s Casino Blacklist – It’s been my experience that you can rely on just about anything Michael Shackleford publishes on his excellent site to be both accurate and entertaining to read. His explanation of how he catches online casinos who sell his email address to spammers is particularly interesting and entertaining.

Online Casino Reviewer’s Blacklist – This list includes several casinos not included on some of the other lists of rogues out there. The webmaster has included a number of casinos who have retroactively (and some say illegally) changed their conditions for their affiliate sites. The theory being that if they’ll cheat affiliates, who are their partners in getting players, then they’ll certainly cheat players too.

Avoiding Online Casino Scams – This is not a blacklist, but I’m including it here as a resource because it’s a good series of articles on how to avoid getting scammed. Which is the whole point of a blacklist anyway.

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